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Will people have robots

课题:unit1 will people have robots?  self-check
励志小木屋: better late than never. 迟做总比不做好;晚来总比不来好。
预习目标: 1.掌握新词汇2.培养学生阅读能力
预习重点:words , phrases
一、自主预习:(一)预习任务: task1.   translate these phrases into english
实现____________ 无声电影___________ 最大的电影公司之一___________
穿制服____________ 看起来机敏______________ 养宠物猪_____________
task3. 尝试翻译以下句子:
1 当我长大后我想为我自己工作。___________________________________
2 我的朋友们在家里养了一只宠物鹦鹉_____________________________
4 我们必须穿校服去学校。_______________________________________
1. i will be an a_____ and i will work on the space station.
2. he is good at computers. he will be a computer p____ in 10 years.
3.most students live in an a____ with their classmates.
4. there are many famous_____(预言) that never come true.
5. she needs to be look smart for her job i_____.
 (三)预习反思:do you have any question?
step1.预习交流   step2. warming-up   step 3: lead- in   step4 practice
step 5 精讲点拨: there are many famous predictions that never came true.有许多著名的从来都没有实现的预言。  come true实现,达到
step 5 拓展延伸:词的适当形式填空
1. they ____( not have ) any classes next week.
2. betty _________ ( write ) to her parents tomorrow.
3. look at those clouds. it ___(rain ). 4. he ____ ( read ) an english book now.
5. look! many girls _________ (dance) over there.
step 6 summary
三、 限时作业    (每空一分,共10分)                得分率______
1 there ____ an english speech contest tomorrow afternoon in our school.    a will have  b will is    c is going to have    d will be
2 in ten years joe  ____an astronaut.   a is  b was   c will is    d will be
3 he is very happy , because he _____ in a big apartment next year.
a. live     b lives    c  will live     d will living
4.kids will go school。(改否定句)______________________________
5. i will fly rockets to the moon.(划线提问)______________________
6. what is the weather like today? (用将来时改写)标签:旦旦 jvrf 龙8国际手机版客户端